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TIP: Weather feeling cooler? Skin feeling dry?

As the breeze moves among the trees you can feel the cooler weather creeping up on us with Halloween being just around the corner. Let's show how to be grateful to our bodies with an offering of gratitude.

If your skin is feeling dry this season or just need a bit of extra moisture, why not try an offering of gratitude? It's smooth application and refreshing feel is great after an afternoon of swinging beneath the trees. Try applying while your skin is still dewy after an early morning shower for some extra moisture. With extracts of lavender, grapefruit and lemongrass among a few others you're sure to love the aroma. an offering of gratitude is the perfect body cream for any skin type!

Travel sizes available, just click here! Hurry though this deal is sure not to last for long!

Come back again for more hidden tips! And don't forget to write to us and let us know how you like to use Soma + Psyche offerings:


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