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TIP: Apply Shampoo on dry hair!

Did you know that an offering of clarity is meant to be applied to dry hair first? Let me tell you what you're hair is missing out on!

Clarity has so many nutrients such as vitamin b5, vitamin e and dehydrated celtic sea water. That's why an offering of clarity should be applied to dry hair to allow all of those fabulous vitamins and minerals to penetrate the hair shaft.

What does that mean exactly? If you're washing your hair like "normal" then you are diluting the shampoo before it even has a chance to nourish your beautiful scalp and hair. Massage clarity from your scalp all the way to your ends, let sit for a few minutes for extra nourishment, add water and rinse away!

Clarity can also be used as an all over body cleanser from head to toe, it's even safe for the use on your favorite pet or child. Make sure you keep it out of their eyes like you would yours and away you go!

Come back again for more hidden tips! And don't forget to write to us and let us know how you like to use Soma + Psyche offerings:


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