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  • How often should I WASH my HAIR?
    Shampooing is different for everyone. If you work out or sweat daily your hair should be shampooed but if not, it then depends on your enviroment, your hair textiure and sometimes even your age. As we age we tend to become more and more dehydrated so washing your hair less frequently is better. Some people can even just wet their hair when showering or bathing, and only wash their hair once a week. Play. Experiment. Decide what is best for you. For optimum results of nourishment, apply our "offering of CLARITY : light + bright hair wash" to the scalp and massage BEFORE getting into the shower (yes! while your hair is dry... I know, crazy, right?! This way the active plant compounds aren't diluted and can absorb into your hair and scalp). Then enter the shower, wet your hair and lather it deeply into the scalp and hair. Rinse well, and try finishing with a spray of cool water - it's invigorating and also closes the follicle to seal in the nutrients.
  • Can I use the HAIR BALM as a leave-in conditioner?
    Yes, make sure you warm it up by rubbing it between your hands to 'emulsify' and then use it on your ends mostly (unless your hair is frizzy and very dry - then you can use it everywhere). It is especially good when you're at the beach or in the desert (or even in a sauna) - it's like a conditioning mask to protect your hair from the salt, heat and sun. Just to recap, our "offering of CONFIDENCE : soft + strong hair balm" is : a rinse out conditioner a leave-in conditioner a hair mask ... and also... a shaving cream a beard balm That's one multi-talented formula! (We know. We're very proud.)
  • Can I use the CLEANSING MUD on my face?
    Yes, the "offering of SINCERITY : deep sea cleansing mud" is good for EVERYWHERE... Except in the eyes, please. Protect those beauties - only clean around your eyes with pure virgin coconut oil on a soft cloth or cotton. You can also use our "offering of WILD JOY" to remove make-up and clean around the eyes. If you are traveling and want to cut down on products, you can also use the "offering of CLARITY: light + bright hair wash" as a cleanser on the face and anywhere else on the body. Yes. That's right. We like versatility.
  • Can I mix the products together?
    Oh, goodness, yes! Please experiment with creating your own blends, skin protocols and bathroom rituals. We'll give you some ideas here about specific tips, but we really want to encourage you to PLAY. Follow your nose. In fact, speaking of noses - our Co-Creatrix, Elise Goldstein, has been using "the offering of HAPPY THOUGHTS : inner + outer glow potion as an ear oil, and "t he offering of COURAGE: chlorophyll care catalyst " as a nasya (nose) oil in her ayurvedic morning routine.
  • Do you have a lip treatment?
    Yes, we do! We use "
  • I have blemishes ... what can I use?
    COURAGE - to the rescue! our "" is excellent for blemishes and sebum control. You can use it as a spot treatment after cleansing and misting (let it sink in a minute or two before following with cream) or you can mix it directly into the " offering of REBIRTH : night + day revival cream " to help with overall oil control and purification of the pores - 2-3 drops maximum. This stuff has a few really powerful antiseptic ingredients, so our team also uses it when traveling to help with exposure to airborne microbes by applying it just under and around the nostrils before taking planes and trains.
  • High altitude, harsh winters, and dry weather... I need extra help with hydration."
    Just introduce a little positive thinking to your skin regime : our " offering of HAPPY THOUGHTS : inner + outer glow potion " can be applied directly after cleansing and misting (and before cream) to help lock in moisture and protect against harsh conditions.
  • It's really HOT outside. Do you have something that can help?
    I'm so glad you asked! Just apply a bit of our "offering of MERCY : calm + cool recovery gel" to the back of your neck... after about 45 seconds, you'll feel a refreshing breeze following you everywhere. Also, try keeping an "offering of GRACE: Elixir Vitae Sea Spray" in the refrigerator and spray it any time your need a little relief from the heat.
  • Do you have a cleanser specifically for super sensitive skin?
    Oh, yes. Oh, yes yes yes we do. In fact, this method can be used by people with sensitive and dry skin - or even by people who have acne-prone and oily skin... actually, ANYONE with any kind of skin can use this method. It's called the Oil Cleansing Method. It's also great as a make-up remover. Our "offering of WILD JOY: sensual + sublime body nectar" is a fantastic product for oil cleansing - gentle but still purfying. Here's what you want to do: massage approximately 1/2 teaspoon onto DRY skin. (it's really important that your skin is ) massage deeply and thoroughly, everywhere. this takes time. massage for at least 60 full seconds (yes, try setting a timer). note: if you're using this to remove make-up, you may want to leave your eyes until last take a washcloth and run it under nice warm/hot water. wring it out completely. lay it over your face. take 3 deep breaths (5 counts in, 5 counts out). let the heat and steam work its magic. use the warm washcloth to carefully remove all of the excess oil. you don't need to scrub. be gentle, but thorough. there will be a very thin layer of oil still on your face - this is great! we recommend that you do this AT NIGHT BEFORE BED. in the morning, you can simply wipe your face with a warm/hot washcloth again, then follow with a mist, a serum and/or a cream (for example, our Sea Spray, our Cannabin Complex, and/or our Revival Cream) Also good to know - if you have very sensitive or dry skin, it's likely that you won't need to do this every day. Listen to your skin. Forget about what you've been told about hygiene ("must wash everything on my body every day"... no no no). Just listen. Your skin will tell you. And sometimes a spray of our offering of grace, or even just a hot damp wash cloth will be enough to give you that refreshed feeling. The Benefits of the Oil Cleansing Method: for some people, lathers, suds, foams and bubbles create irritation or over-drying. this is especially true in winter, at high altitude, or in areas with high wind velocity. oil cleansing balances natural oil production and decreases acne removes dirt, makeup, pollution residue, bacteria, and even sun screen. oil binds to oil, and oil absorbs microbes. this is a win-win. it prevents signs of premature aging (ie- it prevents consequences of free radicals due to its antioxidant properties) our body nectar oil blend promotes skin barrier homeostasis, has antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties, has direct and indirect anti-microbial properties, and even promotes wound healing some recent studies suggest that oil cleansing can even have anti-carcinogenic effects because oils draw toxins out of the skin and this assists in dissolving tumor cell growth. TIP: if you want a REALLY DEEP CLEANSE, consider blending our offering of WILD JOY with 1/3-1/2 parts pure cold-pressed castor oil. Castor oil is a drawing-oil. You can leave this on like a mask after massaging and wait 5-10 minutes before removing it. Make 2-3 passes with the warm/hot washcloth after. The castor oil helps with deep pore penetration, thereby assisting with blackheads and clogged pores.
  • What do I use for make-up remover?
    As most make-up is not water-soluble, it's necessary to use either an acid, detergent or solvent to remove it. no! ick! ....or.... oil. Yes, that's right - gentle oils are the best way to remove make-up. Our "offering of WILD JOY: sensual + sublime body nectar" is a wonderful product for make-up removal - gentle but still functional. Just massage it thoroughly onto your dry skin. Sometimes it's better to leave the eyes for last (if you want to avoid turning your face into a Picasso - on the other hand, if you're feeling creative - go wild). Once everything has been "loosened up", remove all of the oil and make-up with a hot washcloth (the warmer the better, but it should be pleasurable - not uncomfortably hot). This product is safe for around the eyes, but notinside the eyes - so be gentle when you're circling and massaging that mascara off.
  • Is SOMA+PSYCHE certified organic?
    No. We are not certified organic - for 1 primary reason. We use wild-crafted ingredients (in addition to organic ingredients). Wild-Crafted ingredients grow naturally and are harvested from the wild. Because of this, they contain a much greater density of minerals, phytonutrients and other micronutrients than organic agriculture. The also preserve the integrity of their lineage and properties by growing in indigenous eco-systems. We are very careful to monitor the growth rate and availability of these plants so as not to over-forage. We do not want to disturb the eco-system by harvesting too much. This is also one of the reasons we keep our line in small distribution and short-run production. It allows us to monitor the quality and ethical implications of the project. Additionally, we are very careful to make sure that our sites of wild harvesting are unaffected by environmental pollutants.
  • My product looks different than it did in my last order... is something wrong?
    No worries at all. Ever notice how nature never makes two things exactly alike? Because we use ingredients plucked from nature, sometimes there are slight variations in color and texture (due to weather fluctuations, season of harvest, and even the influence of neighboring plant growth). If you're still concerned about your product, you can always write to us and let us know:
  • How long do these products last?
    If you keep these products in moderate temperatures, sealed, and away from direct sun exposure - they'll easily last 12-18 months. If you keep them refrigerated, you can double that! We use all natural preservation of these formulas to protect against volatility - namely, lactobacillus ferment of coconut... that not only keeps the product stable, but it also provides amazing LIVING PROBIOTICS for your skin. But keep in mind, because we don't use chemical stabilizers or preservatives, it is far better to use them in the first 18 months following your order.
  • What is a hydrosol?
    You might have noticed that our "offering of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: restorative ROSE REMEDY" is composed of rose hydrosol from a selection of different roses varieties. So what is a hydrosol? (also called sometimes hydrolate, flower water, herbal water, plant distillate)... To understand hydrosols, we need to talk about how essential oils are (typically) made - through a process called "hydro-distillation" or "steam-distillation- wherein plant matter (coming from leaves, petals, stems, roots, bark, etc. - depending on the plant) is loaded into a large pot with water and heated until all of the water has evaporated, carrying the medicial-healing-loving-wise-goodness of the plants with it. It evaporates into a tubing-system in which it condenses and cools. During condesnation, the oil and the water separate. Some properties of the plant are oil-dispersed, but some are water-soluble. This thin layer of oil that rises to the surface during condensation is called "essential oil", and the water below which also carries wonderous, potent and more gentle properties of the plant is called a "hydrosol". Hydrosols of the same species can be more or less potent depending on the level of heat, and the ratio of plant matter to water. Our Restorative Rose Remedy includes a blend of: Rosa Damascena - called Damask Rose, Otto Rose, or Rose of Castile (grown in Turkey) Rosa Centifolia - called Provence Rose, French Rose or Rose de Mai (grown in France) Rosa Alba - called White Otto Rose or White Rose of York (grown in Bulgaria) Rosa Canina - called Wild Rose, Climbing Rose or Dog Rose (grown in Spain and Chile) We use the petals from the first three, and the rosehip (the fruit that follows pollenation, after the petals have fallen) from the last. All of our hydrosols are from organic agriculture.
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