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Our Concept

Ancient Greek philosophers and physicians (Hippocrates, for example) believed that each person has a soma and a psyche, and that general health is achieved through the harmony and balance of these two aspects of being. The soma (σῶμα) referred to the body, and the psyche (Ψυχή) to the complex of mind-spirit-breath-soul. 

We imagine it this way : 

Soma is matter; Psyche is energy

When the two unite, they create Life

Life necessarily requires both, and the quality of life depends on the equilibrium between them. 

Here at [soma+psyche], we refer to this as the 'divine marriage'

We use the symbol "+" to mark this marriage.

We believe your soma and psyche are partners, traveling through this life together. And like any partnership - both parts have needs, limits, wishes, dreams, fears, preferences, memories, hungers, wills … our purpose at [soma+psyche] is to provide you with very real, physical, daily tools to help support your divine marriage by facilitating a space of listening and care between your soma and your psyche. 

Think of us as couples counseling for your most primary and important relationship: your marriage with yourself. 


As this site grows, you will find greater and deeper exploration of this divine marriage through our Library. If you wish for personal support in harmonizing your soma + psyche, you may consider a Ritual Therapy session with our creators.


It is with great joy that we share our story of Life with you. We are here to offer love and respect to the union within and between all of us.


Our Values


Ancestral Wisdom

Plants are our family.

All life on this planet originates with the first living organisms: plants. They are our ancestors, and they are full of the wisdom collected and refined over many millennia of evolution. We must learn, as we once knew, to respect our elders. They are willing to share, ready to teach, and waiting for us to listen.


Each product is created at the meeting place of the Earth, the Sea, the Sky and the Sun. Plants draw nourishment from the soil, from water, from air, and from light, like we do. We can learn from them how to incorporate these four elements into growth and creation to share with every living being.


We are sacred vessels of life.

Our bodies are home to our cells. 
Our communities are home to our bodies. 
Our planet is home to our communities. 

When we develop strong, daily practices of self-care, we create a discipline of respect. When we learn to respect our bodies, we learn also how to respect others, and ultimately how to respect our planet. By treating our bodies as living, breathing temples, we are reminded to treat the earth as one shared body, and to revel in its infinite magnificence. We are here to tend the body temple, and to bless it with care and love. 

Helping Hands


Simple is easy.

It is easy to receive goodness. Purity allows the system to open completely without need of barriers or protection. By giving the body pure ingredients, we offer the relaxation that comes from simplicity. Our bodies do not need to work to decide what is toxic and what is nourishing. It is an invitation to receive fully, with ease. We say gently to our bodies, “now is the time to allow.”


Pleasure reminds us why we are alive.

Enjoyment feeds all vital energy. By taking time to enjoy, we teach our 5 senses to live the daily miracle of embodiment. When our vitality swells with joy, we have the capacity to create, to share, and to give generously.

self love.jpg


Beauty is a mirror of the miracle.

It is time to reconsider beauty as fundamental, profound, innate and natural. True beauty activates awe of all creation. It is the consequence of harmony, inside and out. It is a physical reflection of flourishing. It is the bloom. It is the burst of sun. It is the first breath. The hum of joy, the song of service, the spark of compassion. We are all witnesses to the wonder of creation - all we need to do is open our eyes and hearts to the dance.


All is One.

The cells in our bodies are one ecosystem in a larger ecosystem, like many voices of a choir sharing the same song. Every one of us is singing the song of life. When we listen to each other and ourselves, we sing in harmony, we sing in unison. We sing together. Every cell. Every being. What we are inside, we create outside. This is the key: to recognize unity.

human mandala 2.jpg

Our Creators


Elise Goldstein

Medicine Woman, Meaning-Maker + Muse

Elise Goldstein is a creative arts psychotherapist, archetypal analyst, researcher and artist, presently living in France.


She is a specialist in intra-personal communication, the study of how inner dialogue shapes the creation of self, identity and perception. Her practice focuses on healing through personal or collective ritual, creative expression, sensorial experience, and symbolic action. She believes whole-heartedly that pleasure can transform the body, just as empathy can transform the world. 

Elise turns to the natural world for insight into hidden, precious and forgotten wisdom. In her eyes, human experience mirrors all other life - we all move between growth and healing - like a never-ending tide. And the key to both is listening. 

To reach out to Elise, or to schedule a Private Session with her, write to

Marty Landau

Self-Healing Specialist + Sacred Stylist

Marty has over 40 years of experience in the beauty industry, including years of study in Europe at both Sassoon’s Academy in London and at Dessange in Paris. She is a specialist in organic, natural, and food-based beauty products. 

She is a certified Health Educator (through Hippocrates Health Educator Course), a certified Detoxification & Regenerative Health Specialist (through Dr Robert Morse), and a certified Health Coach (through the International Institute of  Nutrition).

Uniting the worlds of beauty and health, Marty is a celebrated educator on self-care, self-acceptance, and self-love - all integral components of the transformative process.

To reach out to Marty, or to schedule a Private Session with her, write to

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