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A Professional Crash-Course in Stress Management : Full-size offerings of MERCY, GRACE, WONDER, and TRUST; with an OBSIDIAN BUTTERFLY massage stone, all zipped up together in a cotton TRAVEL BAG.

BLISS BREAK to refresh, revive and restore Work/Life Balance - wholesale

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    Whether you work at a desk, in a shop, factory, or farm - or even in the privacy of your own home - you are entitled to a little pause for peace at "the office."

    Since the invention of "the work break," it has be categorized by the consumption of toxic and addictive substances. It's time to change that. 

    The BLISS BREAK kit is your perfect toolbox for taking a "time out" to replenish your energy, ground your attention, relax your eyes, connect to your body, quiet your mind, and return to yourself. Stepping away for a deep exhalation and a bit of self-care can make you more efficient when you return. This isn't 'a luxury.' This is effective resource management. 


    This kit comes with:

    an offering of MERCY: calm + cool RECOVERY GEL (4 oz)

    apply to your feet, ankles and legs after long periods sitting stationary to assist with circulation, or to wrists and forearms after repetitive movement to prevent inflammation.

    an offering of GRACE: elixir vitae SEA SPRAY (4 oz)

    spray gentling over your face to revitalize energy and awaken greater concentration after sustained focus, mental labor, or exhaustion.

    an offering of WONDER: insight EYE SERUM (.5 oz)

    massage over eyelids and around eyes regularly to nourish the optic nerve, treat "screen fatigue" and prevent headaches from over-worked eyes (especially important for people working in information technologies or with prolonged technological or blue-light exposure).

    an offering of TRUST: total SURRENDER SERUM (1 oz)

    massage to the back of the neck and shoulders when feeling tense, stressed or achy. our bodies were not built to sit in a chair for long periods. this serum helps to release the pain of poor posture.

    a hand-carved OBSIDIAN BUTTERFLY massage stone

    the tips of the wings can be used for acu-pressure points; the curves on the neck, shoulders and jawline; the lobes on the surfaces surrounding the eyes and temples... when the pressure is building, think of this polished volanic gem as the key to prevent your own volcanic erruption in times of stress.

    a zippered cotton travel bag


    (please visit individual product pages to learn more about blessings, ingredients and instructions)

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