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your words are you

As you all know, we are energy, everything is energy. In today's crazy world what we are thinking is creating the new world that we are moving into. Do we want to change it for the better? Are you the change? Are you what you wish for all of us to be? You and I could change everything by being aware of what we are putting out there by our thoughts, our

words and of course our actions.

May we all take a deep breathe and realize our purpose and power to help each other and our mother earth find love and healing.

When Elise and I first started talking about the creation of the line we both were intrigued with Dr. Emoto's work. Check out his findings

His work is really profound, right, wow what happens with words, music and crystals that can communicate beauty or distorted designs. It's truly amazing.

Elise has so beautifully and carefully created each of our products with ingredients we can all benefit from. The product too is supported from the time it enters the vessel and lands on your body to nourish you. The bonus is The sweet blessing they each have as a reminder of their power for your body, spirit and soul.

1 comment

1 Comment

That’s so true Marty! My mom used to write words of affirmation down and tape it to her class of water. She would tell me that the water would pick up the words vibration and in turn, she would feel that word threw the water. So powerful!

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