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Where does the word "Soma" come from?

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Most of us are at least slightly familiar with the term "psyche" (pronounced sigh-key) because of the popularization of Psychology (psyche + logos)... etymologically "the study or logic" of the "mind/spirit/soul."

You might have even seen the union of the soma and psyche in a term commonly used in allopathic diagnostics: "psychosomatic disorder" ... referring to a physical experience that can be traced to psychological or emotional origins.

These are ancient terms, and "Soma" is quickly making its way into popular culture through somatic therapies. For more about our own vision of the soma and psyche, have a look at our Story page.

This video by Embodied Philosophy is a great little historical overview of theis term we're madly in love with.


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