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come fly with me

Don't leave home without me. I come to the rescue in multiple ways.

This kit comes with travel-size bottles of:

an offering of MERCY: calm + cool RECOVERY GEL (1 oz)

a cool breeze to soothe those sore, achy, stiff, swollen parts

an offering of WILD JOY: sensual + sublime BODY NECTAR (1 oz)

a wave of enjoyment to bring those tired, chapped, chafed, cracked or rough parts to life

an offering of COURAGE: chlorophyll CARE CATALYST (.35 oz)

a leafy-intervention for bumps, bruises, boo-boo's, and uninvited microbial visitors

an offering of HAPPY THOUGHTS: inner + outer GLOW POTION (.35 oz)

a hydrating dew to nourish wind-blown faces, chaos-conquered spirits (or other forms of outer dehydration and inner exhaustion).

a hand-carved OBSIDIAN LEAF massage stone - for acu-pressure, kneading, and friction massages.

a zippered cotton TRAVEL BAG

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