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Becoming a [S+P] Brand Ambassador

[Soma + Psyche] seeks enthusiastic individuals to join our team as Brand Ambassadors.

We believe this will be an exciting opportunity and perfect fit for someone with a vibrant personality and passion for personal care. 


As a brand ambassador, you would have the incredible opportunity to represent a company that values self-care, wellness and beauty, and makes a positive impact on people's lives. 


Not only will you have the chance to promote exceptional products, but you will also be an influential voice in inspiring others to embrace their own self-care journeys. With your natural charisma, exceptional communication skills and genuine love for personal care, becoming a brand ambassador for [Soma + Psyche] will not only be a fulfilling experience but also a stepping-stone to further develop your personal and professional growth. 

We're looking for all ages & backgrounds. 

We highly encourage you to seize this opportunity and apply today.

How it Works


You’ll enter a yearlong relationship (potentially longer) with [Soma + Psyche] where you’ll get to work with the founders and team to learn even more about the amazing products and offerings, star on our social channels, attend exclusive events and have opportunities to travel to captivating destinations around the world.

If you're looking to expand your online presence, it’s a way to grow your influence and expertise while learning about health, wellness and the beauty industry from top experts. 

As a Brand Ambassador, you will be asked to post a minimum of three messages per month celebrating the benefits of using [Soma + Psyche] products. 

The company will provide detailed talking points, so that you can speak with confidence about the amazing products and how they can benefit people. 

Please note this is not a paid position. However, you will be compensated through in-kind benefits. It’s also an incredible way to build your influencer status. 

Brand Ambassador Benefits 

+ Savings of 15% on all retail products in one order.
+ If selected, personalized custom savings code of 10% that can be used by you and your followers.

   The code will also be used for tracking purposes that may lead to additional fun surprises! 
+ Exclusive content from top beauty care professionals including [Soma + Psyche] Co-Founder Marty Landau 
+ Savings on select travel opportunities 
+  Product samples 
+ At times, we may contribute to paid advertising that promotes you and your social media channel(s). 
+ Fun surprises along the way! 

Apply Now

Thanks for applying!
Brand Ambassador Application
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