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Full Line

Our Project

SOMA + PSYCHE offers 

organic and wildcrafted, 

sustainably sourced and 

responsibly created 

hair, skin and body products, 

to serve as tools of care 

for the body, 

the heart, 

the mind, 

and the soul

as one unified, sacred, source of love.


Our Purpose

True beauty is the natural result of ECOSYSTEMIC BALANCE : 

• the Equilibrium of our Inner-Ecosystem (our bodies) and

• the Homeostasis of our Shared Ecosystem (our planet).

When we harmonize all parts of ourselves, beauty inevitably emerges as a reflection our inner experience. 

We have developed a truly holistic "Personal Care Line," created specifically to help nourish every part of everyone.

Our bodies seek pleasure + security

Our hearts seek connection + love

Our minds seek inspiration + expansion

Our spirits seek energy + purpose


When we care for ourselves, we open fully to life and we feed the energy needed to create a new vision, a new future, a new world... for this is only the beginning. By learning to care for ourselves, we develop the necessary skills to care for others and for our planet.

We learn to take responsibility.

We learn to give and receive.

We learn to listen and share.

We learn to protect what we love.


Our Offerings

Cruelty-free. Vegan.

Body + Planet Friendly.

Reusable + Recyclable Packaging.

Free of mineral oils, parabens, sulfates, sulfides, artificial fragrances, preservatives, colors and perfumes.

Formulated with organic + wildcrafted ingredients

from land and sea

for the finest personal care.

Created with LOVE + GRATITUDE.

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Thank you ever so much. You'll hear from us very soon.

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